Friday, 20 July 2012

Why MetroOAuth or C# Async makes life easier

Why MetroOAuth or C# Async makes life easierYesterday, I finally pushed some of the OAuth libraries I have been tinkering with. I have a really nice and simple library (and this simplicity seems to flow throughout the library). I decided to pull out some examples using my DropboxClient to show how much simpler a library can be.

Here’s how you log in to Dropbox (in c#):

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Win8, WinRT, Metro, Oh My

There has been a great deal of confusion about the differences between and Win8, WinRT, Metro, Oh Myamong WinRT, Windows 8, Metro, Metro Applications and etc.

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While there is no reason to be absolutist or pedantic about these differences, if we are going to communicate effectively we need to understand the fundamental differences. 

Thus, I offer the following simplifications to get us started…

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Motown: Easy JavaScript Apps for Metro (Part 1)

Motown: Easy JavaScript Apps for Metro (Part 1)

The Web has arrived. Microsoft has made a bold move with Windows 8 that makes Web technology (HTML/CSS/JS) a first class citizen for building professional and commercial grade applications. Up until now, even with the advent of HTML 5 and incredibly fast JavaScript engines, Web applications have always seemed to have limitations compared to native development stacks for creating fully integrated and cutting edge user experiences. These days are over with the arrival of Windows 8 as Microsoft blends the Chakra JS engine and the hardware accelerated rendering / DOM environment of IE 10 with the new WinRT OS-level abstractions.
The WinJS libraries and bindings to WinRT provide a solid foundation for building applications but I feel that a significant gap remains. MS rightly, and I presume intentionally, left most of this gap open for the development community to fill. I created the Motown JavaScript library for Metro-style applications (HTML/CSS/JS) to fill the gap.

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