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Store the access to files/folders instead of using a picker each time

In a Metro Win8′s style app you have full access to the local, roaming and temp folder of the app. The app can also access the libraries(documents, videos, pictures, …) if the correct capabilities are declared in the package manifest.

If the app needs to retrieve any other file or folder, it has to ask the user through a picker. This is a one-time UI which gives you access to the desired item only if the user is OK with that.

It can be boring (and it is) for the user to give you access to a file each time you need it. In this post we will discuss the solution proposed by the WinRT Framework. This is in fact as easy as managing a list of strings !

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MetroGridHelper for WinRT v1.1–Enhanced to work with Snapped and Portrait mode

MetroGridHelper v1.0

Because the left-margin is different for Snapped and Portrait mode, the previous version of MetroGridHelper for WinRT was not optimal. It didn’t support a different left margins at all. Don’t be sad, v1.1 supports Filled (120px), Snapped(20px), Fullscreen Landscape(100px) and Fullscreen Portrait(100px).

You can find the updated version on NuGet.

If you’re new to the MetroGridHelper for winrt you can execute the below command in the NuGet Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package WinRT.MetroGridHelper

If you have already installed the previous version you can also do the Update-Package command via the Package Manager Console:

PM> Update-Package WinRT.MetroGridHelper

For source code click here

Understanding WinRT and Windows 8 for .NET Programmers

Scott's confused about what 'WinRT' is. Is it a new .NET? A new runtime? Is .NET dead? He's totally confused so he talks to Immo Landwerth who sets him straight with complete context from Win32 to COM to .NET and beyond.

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How to change the style of the radio button in C#/XAML metro app

How to change the style of the radio button in C#/XAML metro appGot a question on twitter today about hot to change the icon color of the radio button, and I thought – why not put an example up on the blog in case others are wondering the same thing :)

If you want to change just the color of the radio button icon itself you can change the brushes set for the “BackgroundEllipse” , and if you want to change the checked eclipse brushes, then it is the brushes for the “CheckGlyph” that you want to change.

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Develop You Own Custom Cursors in Windows 8 C#/XAML Metro Applications

Develop You Own Custom Cursors in Windows 8 C#/XAML Metro ApplicationsRecently I came across the question: "I want to change the cursor in my Windows 8 Metro style application to a custom cursor I've designed. So, how can I use the custom cursor in metro app ? The Windows.UI.Core.CoreCursorType.Custom parameter for the Windows.UI.Core.CoreCursor constructor seems to indicate I can do this but how can it be accomplished?"

So after some tinkering around and putting together a few hints, I've put together a step by step route to adding your own custom cursors to your Windows 8 Metro Application. The end product will be a CSharp Metro application consuming a cursor in a .RES file generated by a C++ Metro DLL application. We'll even use some notepad. Hold on for a bumpy ride.  Want a VB one email me and I'll figure it out!

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 Full source code ( C++ .res and CSharp Demo ) - devfish downloads
CoreCursor on MSDN -
Working with Resource Files ( VS2005 ) -
Aaron Stebner - How to build a managed assembly that contains Win32 resources using Visual Studio 2005 -
Building a Windows 8 App in 30 Days (tutorials) - GenerationApp

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