Thursday, 30 August 2012

Using xUnit to test Windows 8 Metro Style Applications (WinRT)

Using xUnit to test Windows 8 Metro Style Applications (WinRT)Many people would like to use xUnit to test their Metro-style applications. While this isn’t yet currently possible with the main xUnit binaries, I have updated the code to get it working on WinRT. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, I’ve created a Project Template that’ll make it a snap to get started.

You’ll need two things

  1. The runner for Visual Studio 2012. This lets the Unit Test Explorer recognize and run xUnit tests.
  2. The xUnit Test Library Template for Metro style apps. With this, you can easily create a unit test project to test your metro style applications and libraries.

I haven’t yet created a template installer VSIX for the Code Gallery, but that’s coming soon – need to resolve a few issues with it first.

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My Favorite Visual Studio 2012 Features

I've grown fond of the following features in Visual Studio 2012.

Round Tripping Projects
Because Visual Studio 2012 doesn't convert solution and project files, you can use 2012 even when the rest of the team uses VS2010.

My Favorite Visual Studio 2012 Features

Quick Launch
Even when you know where the option or menu item lives, it's often quicker to hit Ctrl+Q and type a few letters to find a command or option.

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