Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ten Things You Need to Know About WebView

  1. WebView is not a general-purpose browser
  2. WebView always renders on top of XAML
  3. WebView doesn’t do Flash.  Or Silverlight.  Or PDF.  Or any other ActiveX control or plugin.
  4. How to invoke Javascript inside the displayed webpage of a Webview
  5. How to receive information from the WebView
  6. How to inject javascript into a WebView page
  7. How to clear the WebView cache
  8. How to embed a font into your app to be used by WebView
  9. Launching other apps from a link inside WebView
  10. How to get rid of those annoying JavaScript exceptions when debugging

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Testing in-app puchasing in Windows 8

One of the many new features with upcoming Windows 8 is the Windows Store distribution and monetization channel. Developers can now add in-app purchasing to their apps. The prizes are the same as application prizes in store, e.g. starting from 1,49 USD (1,19 EUR) and gradually growing up in 50 cent increments. Because it seems testing in-app purchasing system isn’t trivial to everybody, here’s a quick sample to get you started. This is only a basic example to get you started, so I don’t cover different in-app types.

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Microsoft DevRadio: Your Top Windows Store Questions Answered

Jerry Nixon welcomes Principal Program Manager Arik Cohen to the show as they discuss the recently launched Windows Store and a wide variety of topics developers ask most.

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Shortcut Key Handling in Windows Store Apps

I wanted to create a simple ALT+S shortcut in my app to jump to a TextBox in my Windows Store App (no this is not the Win+Q search charm shortcut). However, this is not that obvious to get working app-wide, so I’ll share it here:

The obvious way to do this is assign a KeyDown event to your page using the typical “this.KeyDown += MyKeyDownHandler”, or override OnKeyDown. However this has one problem: If any control that has focus currently handles key down events (like TextBox), this event won’t be raised due to how event bubbling works. However there is another way to create an event handler that overrides the bubbling: UIElement.AddHandler. In the 3rd parameter of that, you can specify that you want to be notified even if the event has been handled.

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Top 10 features of the Microsoft Surface

Top 10 features of the Microsoft Surface
Microsoft Surface is the new tablet device made by Microsoft, running Windows RT and Windows 8. InformationWeek, today, released their top 10 for the coolest features of Microsoft Surface. I have listed them below with a little more information next to each.

Surface: Where work meets play. The power of Windows, the productivity of Office Home & Student 2013 RT Preview, and the joy of Xbox – not to mention apps, social media, music, and more. Surface is also cloud-connected with SkyDrive, so you can access your content from anywhere, at any time.

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Preparing your Windows 8 Applications for the store

Preparing your Windows 8 Applications for the storeIf you are a student in the US, you have the ability to get access to the Windows 8 store for no cost through DreamSpark.  You will need an email account that has the EDU extension.

Once you have access to the Windows 8 Store then you can upload your app to the windows 8 store, but it can be confusing when you see all of the squares that you have to click.

First thing you need to do in the Windows Store: Click on Submit App and then Reserve a name.  Why? If you do not reserve a name then you can’t upload your package (the file with the appxupload extension).  Once you have that done, then you can upload your app.

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Data Template Selector in Windows 8 Metro XAML App

Data Template Selector in Windows 8 Metro XAML App
It has been work around to have more than one data template in a list to display the data. In Windows 8 it has been eased, WinRT introduces the DataTemplateSelector class, where we could have more than one template to display in an items source control in Windows 8. In this article we would discover that.

To explore the sample, you definitely need Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 2012 RC.

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How to Test Your Windows 8 App Before Submitting to the Store

How to Test Your Windows 8 App Before Submitting to the Store
It’s always a good idea to test your application before submitting it to the store. The Windows Application Certification Kit (WACK) tool can save you from failing the early automated tests.

The first thing you’ll want to do is uninstall any existing build of your application. This is important because the WACK tool may fail if a previous debug build is still installed on the system. To uninstall your app, find it on the Start experience, right-click and choose ‘Uninstall’.

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