Friday, 17 August 2012

RadControls for Metro Ready to Rock & Roll With Windows 8 RTM and Visual Studio RTM

RadControls for Metro Ready to Rock & Roll With Windows 8 RTM and Visual Studio RTM
We are very proud to announce that once again Telerik is first to market, this time with a suite of controls for Windows 8 Metro programming that are 100% compatible with the release of Visual Studio 2012 and the release of Windows 8 RTM.

What’s In RadControls For Metro?

RadControls For Metro is a new suite of controls targeted directly at Windows 8 development, whether your language of choice is C#/XAML or Javascript/HTML5.  The suite includes a number of controls that are not in the Windows 8 Toolbox, along with a few controls that offer more powerful versions of standard controls. Each of these controls is completely consistent with the Windows 8-style look and feel.

Download Telerik Windows 8 UI Controls.
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How to uniquely identify a device in WinRT?

How to uniquely identify a device in WinRT?  This is a nice trick that has been introduced in RTM. Why do you want to identify a device? Because you might be syndicating content or data from your services to a device or devices and you want to partition based on what is already present (sort of like TFS workspaces) or you want to save bandwidth or some other clever thing you think of.

Here’s how you do it:

var _Token = Windows.System.Profile.HardwareIdentification.GetPackageSpecificToken(null);

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Skype for Metro leaks, we go hands on

Skype for Metro leaks, we go hands onNeowin has gotten a chance to play with the new Metro Modern UI app for Skype and put it through our initial gauntlet of test for usability and general stability. The app is still in preview state but is relatively solid for performance. We conducted several calls with one and multi-person chats with little issue.

The UI is fluid and dare we say fast too. The Skype team has done a good job at making the application finger friendly and so far, we have not had any crashes with the platform.

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Unit Testing WinJS: First Steps

 Unit Testing WinJS: First Steps N.B. If you don’t know anything about WinJS, take a moment to peruse this primer. Also, the context of this post is the p&p Hilo project.

One of the first questions we’ve been struggling with is how to best test a WinJS app. (I’m going to use the term “unit test” somewhat loosely. Some of our tests would technically be classified as “integration tests”.)
Where to run the tests

Our first barrier to unit testing a WinJS app was finding a convenient way to run the tests. The primary difficulty is that the WinRT APIs are only available in the context of a Windows 8 app (and that’s also practicially the case for WinJS as well). So if your tests need to touch either one, the only choice you currently have is to run the tests inside a Windows 8 app..

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What’s New in Telerik Windows 8 UI Controls Beta 2, Compatible with Windows 8 RTM

What’s New in Telerik Windows 8 UI Controls Beta 2, Compatible with Windows 8 RTMNow that Windows 8 RTM is available to developers, we have prepared a BETA 2 update of our Windows 8 UI suite. This update is fully compatible with the latest Win8 bits as well as it adds several new components/features that we believe will add even more value to the suite.

I can’t wait to share what’s new, so let’s get straight to the list:

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Loading Image from WCF Service Dynamically Metro Apps

I found it really hard to solve this problem in Windows 8 when you want to Load Images Dynamically from Server Side using WCF to your Metro App since most of code snippets avaiable online will not work with Metro Apps

Basically here is the solution answer for you use the following snippets will solve your problem.

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